He was a tiny guy, being kept in a 5 gallon glass tank at the pet store. All he had for food was a dish full of meal worms. There wasn’t even a water dripper for fresh drinking water. I couldn’t leave him there knowing this was not the proper environment for him. He looked like a little green booger. Hence the name Boogie.

So I invested money in the equipment needed to properly house a Veiled Chameleon and I brought him home. This was nearly 5 years ago.

Unfortunately Boogie has developed a health issue that seems to be unknown to the vets. He has a strange growth on his side that we had checked, but this growth has a live blood supply. The vet tried to pull out a sample of the growth & only found normal cells. So it seems to be a benign skin growth of some sort. The problem is the poor guy bled out way too much during the procedure and we had to cauterize the wound several times with styptic pencils to stop the bleeding. This made the vet nervous about attempting to remove it. So operating is sort of out of the question due to the risk.

Aside from this hideous growth on his side. He is still active, eats & drinks. He seems like a perfectly healthy chameleon with the exception of this growth.

Update – March 20th 2015
Sadly I have to report that Boogie has passed away.

R.I.P little guy. We miss you hanging around and greeting us when we come in the room.